Vice President of Engineering

Azavea is a mission-driven technology firm based in Philadelphia that uses geospatial data to build web-based software and data analytics tools. As a B Corporation, our mission is to use advanced geospatial technology for civic, social, and environmental impact. Most of our work serves local and federal government agencies, non-profit organizations, and impact-related projects for commercial companies.  We build custom web applications, perform geospatial analysis, and contribute to open-source projects. We have particular expertise in climate change, water, conservation, elections, and infrastructure, and we are engaged in a wide range of other interesting projects. Check out our career website for more about Azavea.

Azavea is looking for a Vice President of Engineering who is passionate about technology that delivers a positive impact and looks to lead the technical direction of a company. This role will work closely with the Executive team as well as the 4 engineering teams at Azavea.


  • Lead the company in designing and implementing state-of-the-art geospatial web applications.
  • Cultivate high standards of engineering excellence.
  • Coach and mentor engineers to support their professional development.
  • Contribute to advancing organization-level projects and initiatives.



  • Drive adoption of improved engineering practices. This may involve the facilitation of knowledge sharing between engineering teams to cultivate company-wide best practices.
  • Research new technologies and tools, make thoughtful recommendations, and clearly communicate trade-offs of adoption.
  • Collaborate with engineering leaders to make recommendations about team staffing levels and hiring requirements.
  • Identify opportunities for force multipliers that increase the productive output of the engineering organization.
  • Contribute to client proposals that are strategic and/or will have significant organizational impact, due to their size, technology options, or cross-team impact.
  • Provide backup and support to Engineering Leads, stand in for them in their absence, and provide a sounding board for difficult questions or conflicts.


  • Integrate the company’s mission and values into decision-making.
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives and initiatives through people decisions, management practice, and other activities.
  • Work with other executives to identify opportunities for internal R&D projects that will open new opportunities, advance our technical capabilities, and help the company operate more effectively.
  • Represent the company in public forums through writing and speaking about our work and what you are learning.
  • Coach and mentor Engineering Leads to support their professional development and cultivate professional development opportunities for engineers, in general.


  • Collaborate with other executives to develop and implement organization-level projects and initiatives. In some initiatives the VP of Engineering will lead, and in others this role will support.
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for improving and growing the organization.

Professional Development

  • Allocate time and actively engage in learning and professional development activities that set a high standard for knowledge and excellence both inside and outside the organization.
  • Actively share both failures and lessons learned through formal and informal means.


  • Most recently held a senior role in a technology, software, or technology-enabled services organization and have experience in one or more senior engineering or technical managerial roles.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of and alignment with organizational mission and values.
  • Have experience with organizations that build web applications.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with core web technologies.
  • Demonstrate love of learning and continual improvement.
  • Demonstrate commitment to delivering engineering excellence within operational constraints.
  • Be technically flexible, and allergic to dogmatism.
  • Be familiar with using and querying relational databases.
  • Have experience with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or another cloud service provider.
  • Have a firm understanding of services based architecture and distributed systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to define and estimate engineering features and tasks accurately.
  • Demonstrate solid communication skills and the ability to work effectively with both technical and non-technical colleagues within a team environment.

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